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Downhill skiing


The atmosphere in this typical mountain village is warm and lively. You can do any winter sports at an altitude of between 1200 and 1840m.

Mont-Dore Resort

> The ski area - 1200-1840m - northern slope

41 km of slopes
84 km (thanks to the link with SuperBesse)
32 slopes: 17 green, 8 blue, 6 red, 1 black
15 ski lifts in total: 1 cable cars, 4 chair lifts, 2 of which have moving walkways to embark, 9 ski tows, including 1 free ski tow for beginners and 1 moving walkway

70% of the skiing area equipped with snow guns

1 free ski tow for beginners
1 'couloir' ski area: 20 'couloirs'
1 speed-riding zone
1 ski adjustment workshop
Snow cover and info: 0820 820 948


> Equipement for kids

1 Snow garden, Club Piou-Piou: children aged 3 and over can learn to ski in a specially adapted area (baby ski tow)
1 Espace Ludo'Glyss: free fun park with a Gaulish theme, including obstacles and moving snow, deck chairs and cabins. Organised events and supervised games throughout the season.
3 luge tracks (110m long).
1 snowpark
Nursery and recreation centre

> Bus transfer services
Le Mont-Dore > the foot of the Sancy
Free buses every quarter of an hour during the school holidays and approximately every hour outside this period
La Bourboule > the foot of the Sancy

> Ecole du Ski Français (French Skiing School) at Le Mont-Dore
47 qualified guides offering group or individual lessons
Downhill skiing, alternative 'sliding sports', cross-country skiing, taking tests, snowshoe walks, skiing for the disabled (individual Alpine skiing lessons)




Located on the western slope of the Sancy, at an altitude of between 1350 and 1730m, Chastreix-Sancy is the ultimate family ski resort; a cosy collection of chalets at the foot of the slopes.

Chastreix Resort

> The ski area
16 km of slopes
16 slopes: 6 green, 4 blue, 4 red, 2 black
7 ski tows including one for beginners
1 snowpark


A resort where you can ski right up to your front door, Super-Besse, located on the southern slope of the Sancy, caters for any skiers at an altitude of between 1300 and 1850m.

Whether on an activity holiday or a break with your family, Super-Besse has something for everyone, catering for both fans of skiing and those of alternative 'sliding sports'.

SuperBesse Resort

> The ski area - 1350-1800m - southern slope


43 km of slopes
84 km of slopes (thanks to the link with Le Mont-Dore)
70% of the skiing area equipped with snow guns
27 slopes: 5 green, 9 blue, 9 red, 4 black
22 ski lifts in total: 1 cable car capable of carrying 20 people (rate: 3,000 people/hour), 5 chair lifts, 15 ski tows, 1 moving walkway.


1 alternative 'sliding sports' area with a snowpark, snowboard cross, freestyle-jump (crash mat for ski or snowboard jumping)

1 speed skiing slope

1 slalom course open to the public

1 discovery zone for beginners (1 chair lift - 7 ski tows - 1 moving walkway)

1 events team

1 luge track, over 3km in length descending 500m in total


> 1 area for night-time skiing with 4 green slopes, 2 blue slopes, 5 red slopes including 1 snowboard cross slope, 2 black slopes including 1 slalom course.

> Equipment for the kids

1 snow games area L'enclos de Tibou: a safe, enclosed area with snow and foam obstacles. Free access. Organised events during the holidays.

1 Snow garden, Club Piou-Piou: children aged 3 and over can learn to ski in a specially adapted area

1 luge zone with specially made, safe tracks (track for children between 2 and 6 and track for those over 6)

1 Nursery

1 Recreation centre in Besse for kids between 3 and 11


> Bus transfer service
Super-Besse, intra-station bus
Besse > Super-Besse: bus (ticket must be purchased): Runs throughout the whole opening period of the resort


> Ecole du Ski Français (French Skiing School) at Super-Besse

> Ecole de ski internationale (ESI) at Super-Besse

Downhill skiing, snowboarding, freestyle, freeride, cross-country skiing, telemark, ski touring, snowscoot, biathlon, taking tests, skiing for the disabled (discover and share the pleasures of skiing)





4 consecutive hours
27 22.30 18.90
late afternoon  17  14  11.90
1 day 31.80 26.20 22.30
2 consecutive days 61 50.30 42.70
3 days 89.70 74 62.80
6 days 167.90 138.50 117.50

Prices All zone passes


Teenager: 12-18 years

Child: 5-11 years

Free for least than 5 years and more than 75 years


Ski hire: hire equipment for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboard, snowblade, snowscoot, snowshoes, luge...



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