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Snow activities

Ski touring
Discover valleys which are inaccessible to downhill skiers; combine the fun of hiking and skiing wearing sealskin-covered skis... Travel along any off-piste routes you like (an excellent level of skiing essential).
'Couloir' skiing - freeride
The Massif du Sancy is made up of many typically Alpine valleys. For fans of freeride, Le Mont-Dore is an ideal area, particularly because of its orientation and the variety of routes (over 20km).

To take part in these activities, a good level of mountain expertise is needed, together with quality equipment, studying the route beforehand and the right weather conditions.
Information: Le Mont-Dore Peloton de Gendarmerie de Montagne (Mountain Police Squad)
Tel: 04 73 65 04 06

Alternative 'sliding sports'
Ensure a maximum thrill and don't hold back on your jumps; all of this in total safety in our snowparks. Super-Besse has installed a freestyle jump, with a crash mat to land on.


Speed riding
Type of skiing; a mix of paragliding, parachuting and skiing; fly down special slopes a few centimetres off the ground.


Snow Kite is a spectacular activity, combining being pulled by a kite in the wind (like a sail) with a 'sliding sport' (surfboard, wakeboard, skis or snowboard) along a snowy surface.


Snowscoot is a winter sport which involves sliding along the snow with a vehicle similar to a scooter with two snowboards and handlebars to steer.

Looking for thrills? Discover this new style of snowkarting, where you are virtually sitting on the ice! The main advantage of Yooner is how easily it is to get started, its fun aspect and the immediate thrills you'll experience!

Fantasy Luge
Zip down the ski slopes for 3km on a luge, descending a total of 500m.


Mechanical sports, supervised activities which respect nature!

Winter quads
Rides and introduction to quads on private land

4X4 rides
Accompanied rides, passion and discovery


Cross-country skiing

Sancy's Nordic zone, known as 'Nordic France' includes 250km of groomed and marked slopes for classic style or skate skiing.
9 sectors on 2 slopes, linked by various routes.
Sancy West Nordic zone with the sectors of La Bourboule/Charlannes, Le Mont-Dore/Le Capucin, La Tour d'Auvergne/La Stèle and Chastreix-Sancy.
Sancy South Nordic zone with the sectors of Besse/Pertuyzat/Montchal, Super-Besse/Madalet, SuperBesse/La Plaine des Moutons (back-up sector), Picherande Village and Picherande Chareire.
The Murol/Beaune-le-Froid sector completes the selection.



Safe, man-made luge tracks for young and old alike


Fun zone
A specially adapted, fun area to discover the snow and the joys of skiing with equipment for kids
Enclos de Tibou at Super-Besse and Ludo'Glyss at Le Mont-Dore


Enjoy the snow at your own, more leisurely pace; a chance to discover our protected natural beauty set in wide-open spaces.
In Sancy, the routes are marked with specific markers.


Sled dogs
Discover our huskies during an educational visit; take a sled ride for a moment of charm and high emotion, an unforgettable trip best experienced with family or friends. Alternatively, take an introductory course in dog driving.

Reservation prior to your visit highly recommended.


Nordic walking
Accessible to everyone, walking with poles and a technique based on cross-country skiing lets you discover the mountains a little differently. A real mix of fitness and fun in the open air, it will exercise your whole body to ensure total well-being.


Winter mountaineering - Le Mont-Dore
From small ice waterfalls to large ice curtains, the Massif du Sancy has a vast range of ice climbs suitable for all; a chance to discover winter mountaineering.


Snow workshops
Discover the snow and the mountains through various excursions (avalanche, animals...)


Fun route on snowshoes, combined with rifle shooting.




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