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> The Dordogne
The source of the Dordogne River is in the Puy de Sancy. It takes its name from two mountain streams, the Dogne and the Dore, which meet on the flanks of the Puy de Sancy to form the Dordogne.
Further downstream, it crosses the Périgord region in the Dordogne department and the Gironde department before finally joining the Garonne and forming the Gironde Estuary.
Between the towns of Le Mont-Dore and La Bourbole, a hiking footpath runs alongside the river and enables you to discover the hot springs people used to bathe in, such as Felix or Croizat.


> Lac Pavin
Between Besse and Super-Besse, Lac Pavin is a crater lake formed 6000 years ago when a water table came into contact with magma.
At 92m, it is the deepest lake in the Auvergne. It is home to a very special guest; the Arctic char. Walk round the lake on a footpath and discover the simple and wild beauty of the banks.


> Lac Chambon
This is a volcanic barrier lake, formed after the explosion of the Tartaret volcano in Murol. It is vast (60 ha) but shallow (6m maximum) and dotted with islands.
It has been specially adapted for bathing, water sports and fishing.


> Lac de Guéry
Particularly popular with fishermen, the Lac de Guéry is a listed natural site. It is a volcanic barrier lake created partly by a basalt lava flow and glacial erosion.
Every year, in early March, when the lake is frozen, fishermen take part in a special activity: ice fishing. This is an unusual event where each fisherman drills a hole in the ice with a gimlet, then casts his line for a good spot of winter angling!
Bathing, diving and canoeing are strictly forbidden on the lake.


Idea for a ramble

From the car park at the Col de Guéry, be sure to take in the viewpoint over the Tuilière and Sanadoire rocks. Follow the footpath around the lake, at the foot of the beech grove head up at the Cascade du Guéry waterfall which flows down over the columnar volcanic rock of the plateau, to rejoin the path which runs alongside the water and back to where you started.

The loop takes approximately 1h30.


> Lac Chauvet - private
Lac Chauvet lies in a basalt maar crater (-15000 years).
This lake is located at an altitude of 1116m and is almost circular.
Bathing, canoeing and fishing are strictly prohibited.


It is the lakes of d'Egliseneuve d'Entraigues which make this 'Land Between the Waters' so charming.

> Lac d'Entraigues
The Lac d'Entraigues is well loved for its tranquillity and surroundings. Fringed mainly by beech and birch trees, one part of the lake stands out from the rest thanks to its marshy appearance with rushes.
A footpath goes round the lake.

> Lac de l'Esclauze
Located at an altitude of 1050m, this beautiful bog lake is glacial in origin. Totally isolated, the shape and appearance are strange; this is due to the peat which is constantly encroaching on the water.

> Lac de la Landie
- private property
Fish-filled lake reserved for fly fishing.

> Lac de la Fage - private property
This is the d´Egliseneuve d´Entraigues lake which provides the mineral water; make sure you see it from a distance.

> Lac de la Chambedaze - private property
Magnificent bog lake, the highest lake in the district; particularly remarkable for its tranquillity, flora and fauna. Not accessible by car.


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