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> Parc Fenestre
12-hectare landscaped park in the town centre with many species of trees, including sequoias, which are rare in the region; they are currently over 45m high.
Well laid out with playgrounds, a miniature train and cable cars, it has a 3-lane slide, one of the highest in Europe.
Many attractions are also available in the park: puppet theatre, rides, leisure centre for the kids, crèche.
If you love nature and plants, you can't miss it! Make sure you check out the perennials garden.



> Parc des Léchades
Parc des Léchades is located at the Mont-Dore exit in the direction of the Puy de Sancy.
This green and sunny landscaped park will delight young and old with picnic tables, swings and other games, all lying next to a small lake
For sporty types, the park has a fitness route and a roller skating zone.



> Parc Louis Perrier in Besse
Country park within a medieval town with a small pond. Landscaped with games for kids and the chance to have a picnic.



> Parc du Prélong in Murol
English landscaped country leisure park with ornamental shrubs and species of both traditional local trees and some which only arrived in the middle of the 19th century (sequoias, Douglas-firs, northern red oak, Lawson's cypress...).



> Parc du Dolmen in Saint-Nectaire
Landscaped country park with games for kids and picnic tables. It's most famous feature is its dolmen, a standing stone which is unmissable if you are visiting the area.



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