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Local produce

The Sancy and the Auvergne produce an abundance of genuine and delicious local produce.

- Salted meat
, including hams, sausages, salami, pâtés, black pudding, pork scratchings...

- The great yellow gentian: a highly symbolic plant with both culinary and pharmaceutical qualities. Gentian liqueur: an aperitif made by soaking and distilling the roots of Auvergne great yellow gentian plants

- The Puy green lentil: the first PDO vegetable. You can enjoy it as a starter, with fish or meat, or even as a dessert.

- The fizzy drinks Auvergnat Cola and Bougnat Cola which contain gentian

- The Arctic Char

- Wild fruits (raspberries, bilberries, blueberries, blackberries) and jams

- Mountain honey and confectionery. The honey from the Massif is enhanced by the presence of so many protected plants.

- Salers meat : beef renowned for its taste, colour and marbling.

- Mineral waters (Mont-Dore, sparkling St Diery water, Volvic, Chateldon). The Auvergne has an abundance of natural springs.

Mont-Dore water is taken from the La Montille spring. This water is extremely pure, filtered by volcanic rocks, with a slight mineral content. The taste is sweet and smooth. This water can be drunk every day by all the family.
St Diery mineral water is naturally sparkling. The spring contains carbon dioxide (a gas produced by volcanic activity). It has therapeutic qualities and is a tasty way to quench your thirst.


A recipe : Green lentil salad with bacon bits and Auvergne ham


1.2kg of Puy green lentils
240g of smoked bacon bits
240g of diced cured ham
100g of chopped onion
100ml of hazelnut oil
400ml of grapeseed oil
100ml of balsamic vinegar
salt, pepper


Add cold water to the Puy
green lentils and cook for 20 mins with salt, thyme and bay leaves.
Finely chop the onions, prepare
the vinaigrette with the balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper
Let the green Puy lentils cool, mix them with the vinaigrette, sear
the bacon bits in a hot frying pan and add them, together with the diced cured ham.
Serve in a salad bowl, garnished with chervil.


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