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The markets

The smells of local produce, coloured stalls and a festive atmosphere; in the Massif du Sancy our markets (local, travelling or organic) are a fundamental part of everyday life.


- Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise : Monday morning in the medieval town

- La Bourboule : Organic market in the town centre on Tuesday morning (between june and september) and itinerant market on Saturday morning

- Chambon-sur-Lac : in July and August, Night market on Tuesday (from 7pm) and market on Friday morning

- Egliseneuve d'Entraigues
: Wednesday morning

His market exists since 1311 and remains the most important for the trade of the saint-nectar gland farmer

- Le Mont-Dore
: itinerant market on Friday morning

- Murol : Wednesday morning

- Picherande : Local market on Friday morning (every fortnight) and regional market on Sunday morning (July and August)

- Saint-Nectaire : Traditional market on Sunday morning (July and August)

- Compains- Brion : Cattle market


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