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> Telephoning internally in France
All numbers have 10 digits and start with a 0.
Mobile phone numbers start with 06.

> Telephoning France from abroad
You must dial 00, then the code +33 (for France), followed by the number desired without the 0, i.e. 00 + 33 0X XX XX XX XX

> Telephoning abroad from France

You must dial 00, then the code of the country that you wish to call, followed by the number desired.
Country codes :
49 for Germany
44 for the United Kingdom
31 for the Netherlands
32 for Belgium
39 for Italy
34 for Spain
41 for Switzerland
352 for Ireland
11 (AT&T) or 19 (MCII) for the USA
16 for Canada

> Mobile phones

Connecting to French networks
Foreign mobiles do not connect to French networks automatically. You must use the 'select network' function on your mobile phone and connect manually.
You may need an adapter to be able to use your mobile phone charger.

> Internet

Head for a cybercafé or cyber lounge.
Free or paid wifi access, depending on the tourist office
Paid internet access in the multimedia centres (Besse and La Bourboule)
Wifi access and internet connection in some bars, restaurants and hotels

> Post

Letter box A postcard or a letter to send? You can post them in one of the yellow letter boxes found on most street corners. Stamps can be bought in post offices or tobacconists. A letter weighing up to 20g costs €0.68 for France and EU countries, €1.20 for the US, Asia and Australia. Yellow post boxes are dotted around the town.


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