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Arts and crafts


Local craftsmen keep alive their traditions and expertise and create original and unusual pieces inspired by the present day. Discover their art; they will open their workshops to you.

> Lava stone enamel - Legacy of our volcanoes
The art of transforming lava stone into enamel creations. Demonstration and exhibition workshop.


> Petrifying fountains
Unusual underground visit to discover the creation of works of art: an alchemy of water and petrification, expertise handed down from father to son over 7 generations.


> Stone cutting shop
Stone workshop, exhibition and sales of gemstones, minerals, fossils and carved objects.


> Leather workshop
Leather goods workshop and gallery


Arts and crafts circuit

Itinerary  St Nectaire, Mont-Dore, La Bourboule, Tauves.

Places to visit: Petrifying springs, lava stone enamels, Sancy cutting shop, rural arts.




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