Chastreix offers a wild nature with wonderful landscapes. Open the door and enter in this amazing landscape and then… enjoy!

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Chastreix, perfect place to fully enjoy the nature!

Chastreix is a peaceful small village at the heart of the Massif Central. A small town, but with great spaces, it’s the ideal starting point for hiking, to use mountain bikes or horse riding. Come and inhale fresh air and discover the Auvergne’s authenticity.

Chastreix, a town at the gates of Chastreix-Sancy’s nature reserve

At the heart of the Fontaine Salée valley, Chastreix is a near neighbor of Chastreix-Sancy’s nature reserve, a real greenery setting.

Open the door and enter in this amazing landscape and then… enjoy!

Wild nature, cliffs, altitude lawns and peat bog, an exceptional flora and a remarkable fauna are waiting for you.
Preserved and protected space, the National Nature Reserve located in the Fontaine Salée valley, is full of natural beauties. 1058 plants are listed in the reserve including 120 endangered species. The fauna and the flora are essentially alpines.

Chastreix-Sancy, put your skis on and relax!

On Sancy’s west side, at a 1400 meters height (4.593 ft.), Chastreix-Sancy offers 16 ski slopes, it is THE winter sport resort for a family. Slopes are adapted to every level and generation. It is furnished with ski-tows and will give an incredible feeling of freedom.

In winter, dogs bark, sleds pass !

The resort looks like the great north! You will meet huskies and their enthusiasm will give longing to know them a bit more. From the dog preparation to the sled driving, the musher will help you. Then, comfortably seated in the sled whatever it’s for a first time ride or only to direct the harness, the adventure will begin! Change of scene and various sensations are guaranteed!

Chastreix, découvrez les grands espaces où le regard n'a pas de limite