Pastures mountains, hike trails, small streams with trout, peat bogs where you can relax.

Water and all its forms
In the Sancy, the water is here and everywhere: lakes, rivers, waterfalls, springs…
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Big spaces so you can breathees

At a height of 1000 meters (3280 ft.), the mountain town of Espinchal is located between Cézallier and Sancy on the border with the Cantal Country.
Pasture mountains, hike trails, small streams with trout and peat bogs for nature and calm lovers.


Espinchal is crossed by the trail route GR30, allowing hikers to link Cantal and Massif du Sancy Mounts. For small hikes lovers, it is the starting point of various routes. The loop of Bois de Play is the perfect place to stroll and to discover the town.

Listen to the waterfall’s whisper…

Moulin d’Arteil and Espinchal waterfalls are offering a peaceful and quiet place for a small pause.

Visit the unusual Saint Nicolas Church…

Saint Nicolas church, roman building built after a chapel dated in 1157, is situated on a plateau formed by a fluid basalt flow. The church plan is very unusual, because of a lack of space, the transept had been shortened, and it is a false one.

L’église de Saint-Nicolas à Espinchal