Montgreleix, great spaces allowing you to overlook at the same time Sancy and Cantal’s uplands. A delight for your eyes!

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Exceptional panoramas

Montgreleix is located in the Cezallier area, in-between two French counties: Puy de Dôme and Cantal. In the middle of summer pastures and vast meadows, you can practice horse or foot hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and explore wonderful landscape in this peaceful village.

Chamaroux Mount, a peak surrounded by legends

Overhanging Montgreleix, 1476m (4842 ft.) long, there is Chamaroux Mount. The view at the top of the hill is exceptional, feel free to climb it.
Before climbing, look, it is very particular. The low part is green, whereas the top doesn’t have any vegetation.

A legend is saying that heat from an old volcano is still emerging and this is why snow is melting very rapidly and grass doesn’t grow! Another legend is saying that fairies are gathering every full moon night at the top of the hill and bring with them visitors and do a spinning round dance until exhaustion.”

Rise at the top and let the magic happens!

In the Estives Lake practice fly-fishing

Your guilty pleasure is fishing? Montgreleix is offering to you its Estives Lake, a three hectares lake, borderd by a pine forest and clear waters where rainbow and brown trouts, fountain salmons and some trophies trouts, only fly fishing is allowed.
This fly-fishing Reserve welcomes every year in the Estives Lake every fishing lover.

Pêcher au Lac des Estives à Montgreleix

In wintertime, snow covers pastures, let’s go cross-country skiing!

Montgreleix is the starting point of a 17km marked trail (11 miles) to discover in cross-country skiing the greatest spaces.