This village exists since the 13th century, come and enter in History! A castle over a rock spur, overhanging the medieval town and near the Chambon Lake with its beaches.

Medieval castles and architecture
Travel through time and through French History with the Castle of Murol or the Medieval and Renaissance town of Besse.
The PDO Saint-Nectaire cheese
Auvergne is one of the regions where we produce the more PDO cheese with more than ¼ of the French ...
Where to buy? Where to visit?
Farms, apiaries, local producers, shops for local products…
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Murol, a medieval town and a summer resort

If you had to choose between history, swimming and gastronomy, what would be your choice? Your heart swings! Come to Murol, all three will be possible.

Castle of Murol, go straight to the medieval area

The visits of Castle of Murol are obviously inevitable for two reasons: a trip in History during the feudal area and an amazing view over the Ronde trail. So don’t look back, and come to the castle!

Enter in the Sancy History
The Castle of Murol looks like an enormous chimney. Big walls are surrounding the fortress to access to the dungeon. You will see an unforgettable landscape there. In the North, a massive circular tower fortifies the weakest point. The defense establishment is strengthen by two fortified doors in the front of the castle and a third one giving to a yard and its passages, knifes room, kitchen, bakery and dwellings.

Live during the Middle Age
The Castle of Murol offers to its visitors the daily life of a Lord during the 15th century: Guillaume de Murol. An adapted scenography, shows with Middle Age costumes and a reconstitution of living rooms. Everything you would ask for to live like a real Lord! Come with your family during few hours and live in the castle like Guillaume II de Murol, knife and Lord.

If you want to see the castle turns into blue, white and red, come during the French National Day: Bastille Day, July 14th and you will see a firework shot from the fortress

Stroll down the heart of the town, in the Prélong Park. Visit the Murol’s school of painters Museum and discover a various number of artists seduced by the Castle of Murol.

Le château de Murol

Summer and family resort

Murol is not only about History, you can also go the Chambon Lake where you will feel a summery atmosphere with its beaches, nautical activities, shops and cafés near the shore. The Chambon Lake is a volcanic dam, formed after the volcanic eruption of the Tartaret. It is 60 hectares long and 6 meters deep (19 ft.) scattered with small islands.

Idleness and History, what a great program for your holidays!

Murol, et le Lac Chambon

Murol, Cheese Route

Located in a protected area for Saint-Nectaire cheese, Murol is a touristic and agrarian municipality. Between Saint-Nectaire and Grand Murols, your heart will incline for both!

Beaune Le Froid, the Saint-Nectaire town
A small town but a large amount of producers, the small market town of Beaune-le-Froid, around Murol’s municipality, is a small town known for its cheeses like the protected Saint-Nectaire produced here since the 16th century. The route is punctuated by old refining cellars sculpted in tufa. Some of the producers still refine their cheese in traditional cellars.
Several producers are offering you to come and to discover the cheese manufacture straight from the farm. Or you can also do a smelly but tasty shopping!

Mid-July, Beaune-le-Froid, celebrates during an entire day the most famous cheese of Sancy: It is the Saint-Nectaire fair!

Vaches Salers devant le château de Murol