Where to buy? Where to visit?
Farms, apiaries, local producers, shops for local products…
Restaurants and auberges are waiting for you to share Sancy’s tastes.

“Made in Sancy” products

Sancy is full of authentic and tasty products. Mountain land, marked by a string pastoral activity, cheese, meat and salting are unavoidable. The intact nature of the upland is also creating amazing wonders such as: honey, wild fruits jam, biscuits…. And unforgettable waters full of volcanic minerals!

The volcanic land of Sancy: a wonderful place if you love good products!

Cold cuts in Auvergne

Traditional dry sausage or flavored with blueberries, dried ham with a hazelnut taste, handmade pâté… As a real good old mountain land, the salting is very frequent and delicious! Since 2015, dry sausages and Auvergne ham are certified IGP European quality.



With wild fruits like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries… we’ve got the choice between jams, pies, fruit jellies or devour fruits here and there next to a trail. The cuisine of wild plants is also a thing in the Sancy Valley.


Waters and other drinks

Some of the waters of Sancy are famous in France: Mont-Dore and Saint-Diéry (sparkling water). Saint-Diéry water is naturally sparkling and the Mont-Dore water is very poor with minerals. Numerous alcohols are made with the gentian, virtuous plant.



Pastures and preserved woods of Sancy are a small piece of heaven for bees. Apiaries of Sancy offer a large range of mountain honey, flower honey, chestnuts, dandelion, heather…- and sweet making: sweets, nougat, and gingerbread.


The biscuit shop of Sancy

Here, everything is handmade and the sugary smells will, for sure, tempt you. Pastries and treats are showing you the best part of Auvergne. Sancy’s flakes with a coconut base, macarons with a lot of different tastes…

A good meat from Auvergne

Charolaise, Limousine, Aubrac and Salers: you have a large choice of meat in Auvergne. The rustic and local race above all, it is the Salers. You can easily recognize them in the Sancy pastures thanks to its beautiful mahogany color: the famous red cow.