Travel through time and through French History with the Castle of Murol or the Medieval and Renaissance town of Besse.

Travel to the medieval time

Review the French History by visiting the castles of Auvergne or by walking in paved small streets in the historical town of Besse.

There was once a lot of castles in Auvergne, even if now they look more like ruins, they are still a big part of the landscape. But the bravest castles are still standing proudly on the heights…

Le château de Saint-Diery

The castle of Murol

Situated on a volcanic peak, you can still hear the sounds of battles and the bustle of the medieval daily life. Built during the 12th century, the castle of Murol once belonged to the Lord of Apchon, then the Counts of Murol, and finally the Estaing family that made a lot of works to preserve the castle from attacks. Thanks to the fervor they have hot at the Royal Court, they were saved by Richelieu. Afterwards abandoned, it served as a rock quarry for the inhabitants of the town. Once it was listed as Historical Building, depredations stopped.
Nowadays, you can go back to the Middle-Age atmosphere thanks to guided and dramatized visits.

Other testimony of the medieval time, the historical town of Besse.

The Medieval and Renaissance town of Besse

Balade dans les rues de Besse

The Medieval and Renaissance town of Besse is known for its architectural richness that is perfectly incorporated in the landscape. The Saint-André Church, the Castle of Bailli, the Belfry, the Renaissance fountains, the Mansion of Sainte-Marie des Remparts and small paved streets bordered with small shops are all made with lava stones. Linked with French History and its Royalty, the town of Besse was a long time ago the fiefdom of the Medici.

Besse town is listed as “Small Town with Charm” of the Puy de Dôme.

Cité médiévale et Renaissance de Besse