This summer choose a nature destination. Enjoy green landscapes, cold rivers, crater lakes or fresh air at the top of volcanic summits. Choose Sancy!

Sancy, an experience full of nature

The Massif du Sancy is the perfect place for hiking, mountain biking and bathing lovers situated in a mountain lake….

Hiking and Trail

Situated at the heart of the Regional Nature Park of Auvergne Volcanoes, the Massif du Sancy offers unique volcanic landscapes in France and a remarkable biodiversity. On foot, on bike or on a horse, hiking is the best way to discover the preserved nature.


The volcanic bathing

The union of volcanic landscapes in the Massif du Sancy and water’s presence is offering wonderful sites to bath. Calm waters and peaceful mountain lakes are perfect for a beach pause and idleness.



No matter what your pace is, go on your bicycle or on your mountain bike and discover thanks to an amazing adventure the numerous marked paths in the Massif du Sancy. A fun and sportive way to discover with more details the landscapes and panoramas ...


Grab the wheel and go!

Your feet on the ground, head in the clouds you can choose with a giant zip line, a trip in hot air balloon or a vertical outing with a via ferrata.