Stroll in small boats on a crater lake, play in the aqua spaces at the heart of volcanoes … It is possible, and you’ll find it in the Sancy.

100% volcanic water pleasures

During the hottest days of summer, head to the calm waters of mountain lakes, aquatic playgrounds or swimming pools and aquatic centers.

We bathe… In the Sancy!

You would like beaches and idleness? The calm and relaxing waters of mountain lakes are waiting for you.

The Chambon Lake, summer resort of the Sancy.

Natural lake of a volcanic dam scattered with small islands and not very deep, the Chambon Lake offers a bathing at a very nice temperature. There are two beaches arranged with child plays, paddling pools and supervised swimming from July to August.

Hermines Lake in Super Besse, dive at the heart of volcanoes

At the heart of the resort of Super Besse, the Hermines Lake offers an arranged beach with a nautical base, child plays, sportive equipment and a supervised swimming from July to August.

Base de loisirs aquatiques à Super Besse

Slide… above the water!

In the Sancy, you can walk around or cross in multiple ways: paddle, sailing dinghy, kayak, sailboard, optimist boat, canoe, canoeing or paddle boat at Pavin Lake, Hermines Lake or Chambon Lake, wake all your slide sensations up.

Make the most of our inflatable structures, established all summer long on the Sancy Lakes, with trampolines, catapults, slides,… or have fun under geysers, water tunnels,… aquatic playground.

Splash around swimming pools and aquatic centers!

Sportive or relaxing mode, swimming pools and aquatic centers offer spots for sportive, game and well-being activities.

Sancy Ô in La Bourboule: composed by a polyvalent bowl of 338 square meters (1108 ft.) for activities like swimming, reshaping and relaxing, swimming lanes, swan necks, massage jets, bubble bath and a river against the current. Plus, another 100 square meters (328 ft.) bowl with a paddling pool zone and a game lagoon with an educative spot only for children!
A well-being zone (saunas, steam room, cold bath, hot tubs and a Zen bowl of 50 square meters – 164 ft.).
Inside you can find a mineral and vegetal solarium for idleness, one flume, a Beach Volley pitch, a playground for children and a shaded picnic zone.

Baignade à la piscine dans le Sancy

Centre Thermadore in Saint-Nectaire: an aquatic center with an interior pool (heated water at 32°C / 90°F with a lot of water games. A relaxing area with sauna, steam room and a jucuzzi.

Super Besse swimming pool: A big pool for swimming measuring 25m long (82 ft.) with several swimming lanes covered and heated.