11 good reasons to discover the Sancy

We are offering you a large range of beautiful souvenirs to get in the Massif du Sancy! This is our personal selection of what you can’t miss in our wonderful upland.
Nature, heritage, know-how, activities, art and gastronomy
Have fun for few hours, few days or more!

“What about you, what is your must-see activity?”

This picnic with your family on the shores of Chambon Lake and sunburn that are going hand-in-hand?
The sunrise hike on Sancy’s crests that will blow your mind?
Or the timeless thermal baths visit in Le Mont-Dore where you can feel like a Russian Prince or Princess of the 19th century…

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Climb the Puy de Sancy

The place to be! After a trip in cable car, followed by a small crest hike, welcome on the roof of Massif Central at 1886m altitude. Who want to enjoy a picnic with a 360° view?


Visit a farm manufacturing Saint-Nectaire cheese

Sancy’s star: Saint-Nectaire cheese and of course its cows! It is manufactured on mornings and evenings in the Sancy’s farms. Producers are opening their doors so you can learn all the cheese secrets…


Live during the Middle-Age in the Castle of Murol

Perched on its rock, the Castle of Murol in overhanging the valley of Couze Chambon. Thematic visits and shows will carry you during the glory times of this medieval castle. Unmissable stop for families and those who didn’t lost their child spirit.


Devour a truffade

The most famous recipe of Auvergne is called truffade thanks to the word “trufada” meaning potato in the Auvergne dialect. Typical from our mountains, the truffade is a simple but very tasty meal for cheese and cold cuts lovers! You can find this meal everywhere!


Walk around the Pavin Lake

The most beautiful, youngest, deepest and most mysterious …. The Pavin Lake attracts superlatives and visitors. The changing waters of this volcanic lake with an almost perfect circle are captivating no matter what season you come. Even scientists study this particular lake!


Dream in front of the Horizons Arts Nature masterpieces' in Sancy

Every year, in June, very strange installations grow in the Massif du Sancy… It is works of art, originals and short-lived, that is matching the landscape during one summer. Stroll and go discover these wonderful treasures.


Fly over Super-Besse with a zip line

Never in your life will you go down a mountain that fast! Become a flying man and fly at 45m above the ground and overhang Super-Besse and the Hermines Lake. End your route at a 120/km speed: impossible for you to forget this amazing downhill ...


Contemplate the vaults of the Church of Saint-Nectaire

Vaults and capitals, a treasure, the apse, etc… Considered as one of the most beautiful Roman Churches in Auvergne, the Church of Saint-Nectaire is also one of the easiest to see – There is no building around unlike to others.


Strolling in the Valley Chaudefour

This wonderful glacier valley is the perfect place for a hike in the National Nature Reserve. Great hikes around crests or small hikes around the valley, you can see!


Relax in the historical thermal baths in Le Mont-Dore

If you want to feel very small and impressed, go to the Lost Steps room or the springs of thermal baths entry hall in Le Mont-Dore. Mosaics, gilts, vestiges of the Gallo-Roman area and 19th century luxury, and this, in a Neo-Byzantine style! Follow the ...


Ski on a volcano

The white season on a volcano, have you ever tried? The Massif du Sancy, winter version, it is 3 alpine ski resorts and the biggest Nordic ski resort of the Massif Central! In addition, spotless and incredible views!!