There is not only one way to enjoy the mountain in wintertime, the Massif du Sancy is offering you a new way to enjoy “100% ski holidays”

Enjoy snow in a different way

If you only come to practice ski, you may miss so many more activities.

Snow can offer a lot of numerous activities for all ages, all levels. Who says numerous activities says numerous emotions and feelings. The most famous one are sledge, Nordic walking, strolls with dog sledges

Or maybe more dangerous as corridor skiing or freeride, the ice waterfalls, ice diving or many more glides sports as airboard, snowscoot, fatbike… From the small shiver to the adrenaline high or maybe just the pleasure to see it, you have the choice.

Discover every snow activity.

Sled dogs

Discover our huskies during an educational visit; take a sled ride for a moment of charm and high emotion, an unforgettable trip best experienced with family or friends. Alternatively, take an introductory course in dog driving. Reservation prior to your visit highly recommended.


Fantasy Luge

Zip down the ski slopes for 3km on a luge, descending a total of 500m.




Ice climbing

The Sancy has by its orientation, steep slopes and sharped relief, its climate conditions similar to a high upland, allows the practice of ice climbing. When the snow cover is important, the upland turns into a real “high mountain” . Numerous circuits with very different ...


Corridor Skiing

If you have a great level of ski, and if you love verticality, Le Mont-Dore is the perfect spot for free riders. The corridors are steep, narrow, exposed or even the three of them. Come and discover 40° corridors, and try safe and escorted outings.