Horizons Sancy

Horizons Arts Nature en sancy : Panorama d'Elodie Boutry, édition 2016

Massif du Sancy -

A pioneering event

Every summer, Horizons ‘Arts-Nature’ in Sancy exhibits 10 new pieces of monumental artwork in the midst of the magnificent landscapes of the Massif du Sancy. This open-air exhibition is a fantastic way to explore the Sancy area, where nature is inevitably the main subject. Created exclusively for the event, the artwork is displayed throughout the summer to throw a spotlight on the diversity of the region and to encourage visitors to reflect on modern society and its concerns.

Set off on a journey of discovery and revel in these XXL sculptures by following special trails along marked paths. Here, art is meant to be contemplated against the backdrop of nature, whether with family or friends or even for a one-on-one with the artwork! Horizons promises yet more big surprises and fully intends to carry the colours of the Massif du Sancy around the world with pride!

The artistic requirement is ensured by the fame of the jury and the quality of works and artists.

You want to know more : www.horizons-sancy.com