All the Events in the Massif du Sancy !

All the Events in the Massif du Sancy !

Concerts, sports, festivals, exhibitions, foot races, art...

In the heart of Auvergne, in the Puy-De-Dome (center of France) the Massif du Sancy is the perfect place for your holidays or for a wonderful stay with your family or your friends in preserved and authentic surroundings.

Whether you are coming for summer or during wintertime, you will not get bored; indeed we propose activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, fitness programs, historical monuments, visits, activities… Adapted to every taste, we have a huge range of various ...

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From 02/08/2020 to 02/15/2020
Sancy Snow Jazz Festival

Le Mont-Dore - Espace culturel Joseph Foret

The 02/01/2020
Trophée Andros

Super-Besse -

Horizons Sancy

Ten years ago, the Tourist Office and the Community of Communes of the Massif du Sancy, chose to highlight the richness and diversity of Sancylian landscapes, through the creation of a contemporary art festival! HORIZONS is an innovative event that goes beyond land art. Each artist can propose an installation in situ where work and place must interact and start a real dialogue.

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