Best times to visit Sancy

Best times to visit

Best times to visit Sancy

The Sancy has a typical mountain climate. In winter you can expect snow and ice. Summers are lovely with mild temperatures due to the altitude and topography. Nights can be chilly.

Weather in the Sancy, month by month

A visit to the Auvergne and the Sancy is worth it no matter what the season.
The best time for summer holidays is between May and September. From December to March, you can do winter sports in the Sancy.


This is the month which has the greatest snowfalls, interspersed with cold, yet sunny days.
This is the peak period for snow-based activities: downhill or cross-country skiing, snowshoe hikes. Tourists take advantage of this, mainly at weekends.


The weather is still cold with some snow.
The winter holidays fall in this month. There are many holidaymakers in the resorts, getting full enjoyment out of winter sports and our organised events.


The days start to get longer. It starts to feel a little milder. Slowly, the snow begins to melt. Holidaymakers still practise winter sports at weekends.


Spring is here with sunny and rainy days. Nature returns. The countryside begins to turn green again.
Spring school break can increase tourism, especially for Easter weekend.
The ski resorts close in mid-April. Hiking is possible in the valleys, but the peaks are still covered in snow. Winter comes to an end and the summer season begins.


There are more and more days of good weather, and several public holidays that boost tourism on weekends.
You can go hiking almost everywhere and do outdoor activities: mountain biking, horse riding, golf…


Summer is here with the longest days of the year.
This is the perfect period to visit the Sancy.


The weather is ideal and the temperatures are rising.
This is the month when French people take their summer holidays. For those who love swimming, Lac Chambon and its beaches are not to be missed.


This is the hottest month. The weather can quickly turn stormy, especially in the mountains.
This is the period where the greatest number of tourists visit the Sancy. The summer season reaches its peak around 15th August.


Summer comes to an end. The weather is still mild and sunny.
The summer holiday period is over. This is a perfect period to discover the region and enjoy the hospitality of the local people.


Autumn arrives, but there are still some very sunny days.
Nature changes colour like the leaves on the trees. October is the optimum season for hiking, rambles in the forest and picking mushrooms. The spa season comes to an end; a last chance for hydrotherapy.


The weather is grey, windy and rainy. The days are short. The first snow is in the air.
This is the off season for tourism. Leisure centres, businesses, restaurants and hotels are closed.


Winter is here. Snow falls and covers the mountains once again.
The ski resorts open their skiing areas as soon as the weather conditions allow, towards mid-December, and eagerly await the tourists who come for the Christmas holidays.

Holidays in France

Public holidays in France

These are major national holidays or important events in the Christian calendar:

  • 1st January: New Year’s Day
  • Easter weekend (Sunday and Monday)
  • 1st May: Labour Day
  • 8th May: VE Day
  • May ou June: Ascension (Thursday)
  • May ou June: Whit (Sunday and Monday)
  • 14th July: Bastille Day
  • 15th August: Assumption
  • 1st November: All Saints’ Day
  • 11th November: Armistice Day
  • 25th December: Christmas

School holidays in France

If you’re looking for holidays packed full of events and activities, you may prefer the summer holidays. If you prefer tranquillity, choose another period:

  • Easter holidays: April to early May
  • Summer holidays: July and August
  • All Saints’ holidays: late October – early November
  • Christmas holidays: last two weeks of December
  • Winter holidays: February to early March