For your holidays and your stay in Auvergne, it is in the Massif du Sancy that you must be accommodated. A varied and wide range of accommodation, in the resorts and towns of Sancy: Besse, La Bourboule, Super Besse, Chastreix-Sancy, Le Mont-Dore... In hotels, gites, bed and breakfasts, holiday villages. ..

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Chalet de Passiflore - 63G1147

Capacity : 5 persons


Gîte Laurier - 63G1099

Capacity : 6 persons

La Bourboule

Chez Paul

Capacity : 9 persons


Villa Mayabell

Capacity : 7 persons


Heurtebise Bas

Capacity : 2 persons


Villa Marinette - 63G1198

Capacity : 3 persons

La Bourboule