La Godivelle is a small market town, to be sure, but it offers a great treasure: the Nature Reserve of Sagnes. Come and immerse yourself in the nature.

Water and all its forms
In the Sancy, the water is here and everywhere: lakes, rivers, waterfalls, springs…
Whatever you are a strong sensation lover or an idleness lover; you are 100% sure to spend amazing holidays in ...
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Between two lakes, a small town.

Located in the Cezallier, very near the Cantal County, 1205 meters altitude (748 miles), it is a small town, the less populated in the Puy-de-Dôme county but the highest. Situated between two lakes with a protected peat bog in a Nature Reserve.

Upper Lake and Lower Lake

The Upper Lake is a crater lake with volcanic origins located at 1239 meters altitude (770 miles). Only feed with rain water and snow, it is poor in nutritive substances, not colonized by plants. It is the water reservoir of Godivelle’s town.
The Lower Lake is a lake with glacier origins located in a lower place compared to the other one, with a height of 1200 meters (that is to say 746 miles). A peat bog is colonizing gradually the lake. It is a private propriety, located outside the Nature Reserve, you can practice fishing.

Open your eyes; nature is wonderful in the Sagnes Nature Reserve

With its two peat bogs, the Nature reserve of Sagnes is a wonderful treasure. It welcomes more than 1500 animal and plant species very rare, more present in Northern Europe. If you want to discover the reserve, push the Maison de la reserve’s door and walk in the path, next to Lower Lake, eight signs are showing the fauna, the flora and the landscapes of the Reserve. A telescope can make you observe migratory birds making a pause.

Make a stop in the Church Square !

The other big particularity of Godivelle, it is its fountain.

It stands in the middle of the Church Square. From this point everything is normal; the thing that catches the eye it is the size. This fountain is very large and four faucets are feeding it. It is the biggest fountain of the county. Formerly it was a fountain to feed multiple animals at the same time. Its water is drinkable and offers fresh water to hikers, bikers, riders and their horses.

If you want to remind yourself on the seven capital sins, look at the church

Saint-Blaise de la Godivelle Church presents a nice Roman style from the 12th century composed with a semi-circular apse ornate with small pilasters very protruding, each surmounted by small columns. This apse is surmounted by a widely overflowing cornice supported by six modillions representing the seven capital sins: luxury, pride, anger, laziness, desire and cupidity.

L'église Sainte-Blaise - La Godivelle