Massif du Sancy is built in the volcanism. Volcanoes are real inhabitants that are indivisible with Auvergne that is in Europe, the largest volcano region.

The Puy de Sancy is a … volcano!

The Dore mounts are covering a surface area of 600 km2. That is to say two stratovolcanoes: Le Mont-Dore and Puy de Sancy. The Puy de Sancy is the highest peak of Dore mounts.

The Puy de Sancy was formed on the South Side of the upland between 1 to 0,2 million years ago. Violent eruptive phases with pyroclastic flows of ashes and pumice stone followed with crumblings and a glacier period with erosions made Sancy’s landscapes.

Some of the volcanoes situated in the Massif du Sancy

Puy de Sancy

Our upland is named after that. It is the equivalent of Puy-de-Dôme for the Auvergne County: a symbol and the chief. Highest volcano in France, it is several volcanoes nested into each other after various eruption phases. From above, you can see all the Massif Central!

Pavin lake

A lake in the volcano category? No it is not a mistake. The Pavin Lake is part of the Maars family, that is to say a crater volcano filled with water. An incredible example of volcanism in Auvergne offering wonderful hikes!

Tartaret volcano

The Tararet, a crater volcano in the middle of a beech wood, is one of the youngest in Auvergne. 870m high (2854ft.), its “tardive” eruption has permitted the Chambon Lake created, a few feet below.

Banne d’Ordanche

Born 200 million years ago, the Banne D’Ordanche is very famous for its volcanic summit shaped as a plug. Basaltic peak, it is now a summer pasturage for herds. An unobstructed view over the Sancy in one side and Chaîne des Puys on the other.

Roc de Courlande

A peak born thanks to volcanic phenomenon, measuring more than 1490m (4888ft.) and dedicated to Virgin Mary. Not very far from the Chastreix-Sancy resort, you can’t miss this very particular peak of Massif du Sancy.

Fairies chimney

This chimney is a natural curiosity as many more in Sancy and in Auergne. This column surmounted by a rock is born thanks a mass projection of lava during multiple volcanic eruptions.