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Affiche Horizons Sancy 2023

HORIZONS: when Art and Nature get mixed up! 17th edition.
The Massif du Sancy honours its immense natural wealth with 10 works of contemporary art, this year, to be discovered in the heart of its varied and remarkable landscapes.

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    Download the free Sancy Explorer mobile application on AppStore or GooglePlay and discover the Horizons walks.
    Geolocated routes with voice guidance, presentation of points of interest, landscape reading, anecdotes… The routes are downloadable in advance, no need for a Wifi or 3G connection on site to be able to carry out your itinerary, only a GPS signal.

  • The works are present in various communes of the Massif du Sancy: Le Mont-Dore – Besse / SuperBesse – La Bourboule – Murol – Chambon-sur-Lac – Saint-Nectaire – Murat-le-Quaire – Chastreix – Picherande – Saint-Victor-la-Rivière – Egliseneuve d’Entraigues – Saint-Diéry – Saint-Pierre-Colamine – Compains – Espinchal – Valbeleix – Le Vernet – Sainte-Marguerite – Montgreleix – Saint-Genès-Champespe – La Godivelle In each commune, “Horizons Sancy” signs indicate the Horizons car park, the starting point for the hike to the work.


From 17/06 to 17/09/2023, daily.

Rates and Means of payment

  • Free access.


Last update 19 June 2023

Horizons – Arts Nature en Sancy

Massif du Sancy
Allée du lieutenant Farmont
63240 Mont-Dore

04 73 65 20 21




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