Sortie Nature : Ren’essence d’une plantation d’épicéas


The 15 August 2024

Ren'essence d'une plantation d'épicéas

The spruce plantation of the Montagne du Mont, a Sensitive Natural Area and property of the Puy-de- Dôme department, has been the subject of a vast ecological restoration programme since 2014.
The objective of this restoration project? To move from a very artificial site to a space more favourable to biodiversity. For its second phase, the techniques used are animal traction and cable matting.
The Chastreix-Sancy National Nature Reserve offers a guided tour of this ambitious project.

Minimum age 7 year(s)


Thursday 15 August 2024.

Rates and Means of payment

  • Free of charge.

Information and reservations by phone or e-mail.



Last update 7 February 2024

Sortie Nature : Ren’essence d’une plantation d’épicéas

Maison de la Réserve de Chastreix Sancy
Le Bourg
63680 Chastreix

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