Cuisine is a part of your travel… The Sancy’s soil mountain and wildness will bring you to the cheese country; pick fruits in the middle of nature and good cold cuts that will feed you during cold winter nights!

Sancy’s savors

For every season its main products matched with the climate and picking possibilities. Berries and fruits of the forest lovers can do summer harvests along paths. For mushroom enthusiasts, come in fall. You can drink with your delicious meals amazing waters full of volcanic minerals and a handmade beer.

Producers, local markets and restaurants are waiting for you to share Sancy’s tastes!

Not a single meal without cheese…

…. Well almost! On every Sancy’s table, in restaurants or with your family you can try the cheese of Kings: the Saint-Nectaire. Yummy, this small taste of hazelnuts directly coming from surrounding pastures… Around a nice conversation, we are talking about some nice producers or your favorite farm visits.

Because Sancy inhabitants are very gourmand and generous, you can also buy and try other cheeses from Auvergne, above everything the 4 protected cheeses: Cantal, Salers, Fourme d’Ambert and Bleu d’Auvergne.

Don’t tell anyone but the best Saint-Nectaire cheeses are better at the beginning of summer…. It is a cheese made with spring milk, coming from new pastures!

And to go with it, a small piece
of dried sausage?

The Massif du Sancy offers a large range of local, authentic and delicious products: honey, salting, fruits of forests jam, beer, mineral waters… Without forgetting sylvan mushrooms of the Massif du Sancy – penny buns, girolle, sweet tooth mushrooms; arctic chars, river trout, with bleu cheese, lardons or simply grilled.

Une bonne assiette de charcuterie du Sancy

And for the dessert, after cheeses from Auvergne: blueberry pie, apple pie or simply fresh wood berries. Come and meet producers from markets or directly at their farm.

Come back with a small piece of Sancy!

The best products for a mountain cuisine

Dégustation d'une bonne fondue au Saint-Nectaire

In restaurants or inns of Sancy, you can try the French gastronomy of Auvergne: hotpot from Auvergne, stuffed cabbage, aligot, pounti (sort of salted pudding with prunes), lentils with sausages or Salers meat with a bleu sauce. Believe us: you must try the truffade and its amazing cold cuts or the Saint-Nectaire fondue.

Tartes aux framboises et à la myrtille

Hungry? Go to the bakery and buy the tomme brioche, a farmer recipe with fresh cheese, in salted or sugared version.