Come and look from a different spot the wonderful landscapes of Sancy and enjoy emptiness.

Fly over volcanoes

From above, volcanoes and lakes of Sancy are offering you a magical pause. Admire beautiful landscapes thanks to hot air balloons, paragliders or during a crazy zip line descent.

Sensational Fantasticable

Picture yourself crossing 1600m (5249mi.) at a 100 km/h speed (62 mi/h), your feet above the ground. It is the crazy experience offered by Fantasticable zip line installed in Super Besse. Alone or with someone, have fun during a 240m descent (787ft.)

Super-Besse, la station multi loisirs

Your first time in the air

Paragliders and hot air balloons are allowing you to discover the Massif du Sancy from above. There are amazing views above volcanoes, lakes and woods!
Numerous paragliders spots are available in the land of Sancy, you can discover it by yourself or with a professional.

Admire magical landscapes during a sunset or a sunrise and fly with the wind on board a hot air balloon.

Climb at the heart of nature

Land of a preserved nature and great spaces, the Sancy is the perfect spot for climbing sports.

La dent de la Rancune et la crête de Coq dans la Vallée de Chaudefour

Vertical walks

Halway between climbing and sportive hiking, the via ferrata consists of climbing rocky mounts thanks to specific layouts (ladders, handrails, monkey bridges and gateways). By yourself or with a professional, put yourself in the shoes of a mountaineer and conquer summits.

On the Capucin site, various permanent routes are available in a wild area, on a cliff overhanging the Haute Dordogne Valley.

A walk in the woods

In Le Mont-Dore, La Bourboule or Saint-Nectaire everybody can enjoy high acrobatic routes. This fresh air activity will make you walk, climb, jump from tree to tree with a lot of security. Multiple units (cable, wood and rope bridge, nets, zip line) will allow you to walk around trees.

Fresh attitude

You can try other acrobatics, with a more refreshing version, are also available with canyoning. This activity consists in riding down a water stream crossing many obstacles in front of you, with jumps, glides and natural slides, abseiling descents.