Yoga, mindful walking, sound therapy, forest spa...
The Massif du Sancy offers a host of gentle activities to recharge your batteries in the heart of the mountains of Auvergne.

Feeling good in mind and body, in the Massif du Sancy

Yoga, a time to unwind in Sancy

Yoga is a gentle activity that relaxes you through breathing techniques and postures.
An excellent way to start your day in Sancy!

Mindful walking at the Sylvatorium in the Capucin forest

Mindful walking is a technique based on the principle of coordinating your breathing with your steps. An enjoyable way to walk while reaping the benefits of mindfulness.

The Sylvatorium du Mont-Dore is a theme trail in the Capucin forest that really stimulates your senses: 5 forest spa baths, panoramic lookout points and relaxation areas to recharge your batteries among the trees.

A meditation moment in the Sancy

A meditation moment in the Sancy