A typical town located in Massif du Sancy with stone roofs, overhanging la Bourboule and the Haute Dordogne Valley, it is dominated by the volcanic peak of the Banne d’ordanche, facing due south and reaching 1 010 meters that is to say more than 3.313 feet.

Mountain and tradition

Lying on a rock spur, the town was built around its castle, which nowadays is nearly destroyed. Murat-le-Quaire is a typical mountain village with typical houses built in rocks from lava and roofs with rocks called “Lauzes”.
Crafts, estate, and rural traditions from the past and from today stir together in the village and offer numerous discoveries and activities.

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In Murat-le-Quaire, get on a time machine!

Back to the past! It is possible thanks to the Scénomusée® la Toinette et Julien. Travel through times with a sensory visit of rural traditions of olden times. You will see, smell, listen, feel …

Discover Scénomusée de la Toinette et Julien


A discovery trail, with explanatory markers, takes you through the village along the small built heritage and its history with beautiful views of the countryside.
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Scénomusée la Toinette et Julien à Murat-le-Quaire

Scénomusée la Toinette et Julien à Murat-le-Quaire

And now, let’s go back to the present !

To the Goat Stall of Monts-Dore, where you can smell hay and cheese! The nice little flock of the Monts-Dore Stall welcomes everyone from any age for a warm moment of sweetness and sharing.

Goats are not the only animals. You can also find sled dogs for amazing rides with huskies during winter or summertime.

Discover the Chèvrerie des Monts Dore

Discover sled dogs :

L'heure du biberon à la Chèvrerie des Monts Dore à Murat-le-Quaire

L'heure du biberon à la Chèvrerie des Monts Dore à Murat-le-Quaire

Hike and climb to the Banne d'Ordanche

Follow the street next to the lake Pré Cohadon until the end of the road, there, you will find the Banne d’Ordanche, a remarkable site for strolls with an exceptional view.

A fresh air volcano

With a height of 1515 meters (4.970 feet), the Banne D’ordanche was born 2 million years ago before being transformed by glaciers. The Banne D’ordanche, built from basalt gave his name to a certain type of lava: Ordanchite. At the top, even the viewpoint indicator is built with enamels on lava.


Added bonus

This one will allow you to see and admire this great landscape with a 360° view above the Puy de Sancy, the Puy Ferrand, the Puy Gros or the Charlannes plateau.

Randonnée et montée à la Banne d'Ordanche

Randonnée et montée à la Banne d'Ordanche

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