Our Qualité Tourisme™ commitments

Here you’ll find all the commitments we have made under our Quality Tourisme™ approach, to offer you better hospitality in line with requirements of the French Tourist Board quality benchmark.

The Sancy Tourist Office makes the following promises to visitors:

  • To make access to our premises easier

  • To welcome visitors in a friendly, functional and comfortable environment

  • To be receptive, attentive to the expectations of visitors, and as responsive as possible

  • To provide a professional service and valuable advice

  • To provide visitors with clear information that is reliable, accurate and up to date

  • To ensure customers from abroad are welcomed by staff who can speak at least 2 foreign languages

  • To provide a high-quality telephone information service

  • To take any suggestions for improvement into account

  • To gauge customer satisfaction levels

The Sancy Tourist Office makes the following promises to service providers:

  • To encourage tourists to consume locally

  • To maintain permanent contact and take their expectations into account

  • To unite

  • To provide tools for enhanced communication

  • To offer advice and guidance for their projects

  • To facilitate their involvement in promotion campaigns

The Sancy Tourist Office makes the following promises to local elected representatives:

  • To help them define and implement tourism development policies in the Massif du Sancy

  • To fulfil its public service mission in a professional manner

  • To take their expectations into account

The Sancy Tourist Office management team promises to:

  • Strive to continually enhance internal Quality procedures

  • See the quality approach as a management tool to improve its internal organisation and face up to changes without disruption

  • Propose management methods that motivate each individual, highlight the value of their work and encourage them to be drivers of change

  • Ensure that the Tourist Office puts allocated means to the best possible use in the interests of competence, efficiency and innovation

  • Take into account the comments of visitors, service providers and elected representatives and undertake any corrective measures necessary.