A beach in mountains: It is Chambon! A lake, nautical activities and nature near you , come and enjoy!

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Chambon Lake, a summer resort in the middle of Massif du Sancy

Great days are expecting you near the Chambon Lake! Prepare yourself lolling on the beach in a magnificent place, to swim into deep waters and to enjoy nautical and sportive activities.

A lake in the middle of nature

The Chambon Lake is in the middle of a mountain crater between the Massif du Sancy and the Chaudefour Valley. It is surrounded by a lush nature reflecting in the water. A summer atmosphere where you can do nautical activities in the middle of nature.

The Chambon Lake is the perfect place to go on family holiday. A sand beach allows children and parents to swim safely because during July and August beaches are supervised.

Locals love to do picnics here. Sat on grass or at picnic tables, it is the place for lunch break and pre-dinner drink!

After a bathing, you can enjoy nautical and summery activities on the Chambon Lake: canoe, kayak, sailing dinghy, sailboard and pedal boat. Chambon Lake is also a fishing spot.

Hiking ideas : a one hour walk allows you to go around the lake. Strating from the beach parking lot, go along the lake following yellow markings. This easy and family walk will offer to you amazing views aver the lake. A bicycle path was also created on a portion of the lake shore (beginner level).

Lying down the beach, it is simple to imaging yourself hiking on the Chaudefour Valley, it is very nearby!

The Nature Reserve of the Chaudefour Valley

The Chaudefour Valley is one the three valleys of glacier of the Massif du Sancy. This valley of 820 hectares is listed since 1991 and very famous for its sharped dykes, rocks and volcanic veins, Rancune Tooth, Coq Crest or the Moine Needle. Come discover it, follow the path and enter in this beautiful amphitheater where nature, water, waterfalls are reigning and several vegetal and animal species are living.

La Crête du Coq et la Dent de la Rancune dans la Vallée de Chaudefour

The Reserve house
The house of the Nature Reserve of Chaudefour is here to do three essential missions: protect the management but also the discovery of the site to a large number of people. During all year long, the Reserve house organizes exhibits about Valley’s fauna and flora. The Valley also offers pedestrian outings escorted to discover, thanks to a guide, the particularities of this emblematic place of Sancy.

Water irrigates the all Chaudefour Valley
The Chaudefour Valley is full of springs. The most famous one is the Saint-Anne fountain which its reddish water is due to iron, soda and carbon contained in it.

A 1h30 walk from the Reserve house will lead you to the Sainte-Anne spring, located on the left before the bridge. Then, you will be able to walk at the heart of the Chaudefour Valley.