It is a ski and thermal resort, located around the Dordogne sources; le Mont-Dore offers a lot of activities that you can live with your family either in winter or summer

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A big mountain zone village

Next to the Dordogne river springs and near the Puy de Sancy volcano, Le Mont Dore is a big mountain zone village with multiple aspects. Real paradise for hikers during summertime and becomes a ski resort in winter. And as air and water are always clean, Le Mont-Dore is also a famous thermal resort. Come and discover all our treasures !

Le Mont-Dore, montagne de loisirs l'été

The ski resort

During wintertime, the Puy de Sancy Mountain is recovered with snow. It transforms into a family ski resort built for every skier, from a beginner to a real pro. You can share a wonderful family moment doing snow activities.
Snowboarding, snowshoeing, downhill or cross-country skiing, snowscoot, freeride, ice waterfalls … there are many activities during the Mont-Dore snow periods.
For children the Ludo’Glyss space is the perfect place for kids and their families. At the heart of Le Mont-Dore resort and very near to ski slopes, Ludo’Glyss is a fun place for children with its two secured and prepared sledges slopes.

The majestic volcano, Le Puy de Sancy

With its 1886 meters (6.188 feet) le Puy de Sancy, highest Massif Central’s volcano, culminate above Le Mont-Dore. With a really particular physiognomy: alternation between sheared cliffs, plateaus and little hills. You can see its heights from a long distance; it will attract you like a magnet. You will feel the burning desire to climb at its peak too. From there, watch out for your eyes, an amazing 360° panorama will astonish you.

To climb you can choose: on foot or via the cable car.
After a dizzying climb with the cable car (450 meters, 1.476 feet,  crossing in only 4 minutes), the climbing continue with a 40 minutes walk on a wooden stare until you reach the top. On your way, you will find table explaining landscape, orientation, a flora and fauna presentation and to end up with, all the surrounding volcanoes. At the top, a 360° panorama view so you can see 1/7th of France territory. Your gaze will follow the crest line… A new hike is necessary!

Water: the purest treasure

You can find water everywhere in Le Mont-Dore. Everything starts near the Puy de Sancy where two tiny streams the Dore and the Dogne join together to create the Dordogne, the expectancy river.
Then you are forced to go to the waterfalls! Huge or small, noisy or quiet, come and discover Le Mont-Dore’s four waterfall as soon as possible.

With a volcanic past, Le Mont-Dore is also a great thermal resort with its volcanic springs. Organized as thermal baths, these waters can relieve everyone from children to adults suffering from respiratory or rheumatology diseases.

Spa and reshaping
Let’s meet at the new Thermal Spa for your well-being! A little break in cubicles for elegant and chic treatments to test 20 beauty rituals or to relax.
Body modeling, hydrotherapy cares, beauty institute…. The thermal spa offers unity cares, but also half a day pass or thermals treatments made on measure: Liberty spa, discovery spa, serenity spa or gourmet spa. Could you refuse serenity?

Le Mont-Dore, la grande casccade

Le Mont-Dore, at a crossroads

Le Puy de Sancy, located in Le Mont-Dore, is a focal point between various hiking trails in Auvergne. For big hiking (GR4 or GR30) or smaller ones (PR) at least one trail is made for you. Little forest trails, trails next to a river to go to a waterfall, trails that follow crests with a wonderful view above nature reserves… well, you have the choice.
Your legs and feet cannot wait for it! So be ready because you will not regret it.

Escort hiking
If you want to go hiking with a group you can call our certified accompanying escort. They provide discovery outings all over the Massif du Sancy (gold mining, fauna, flora and volcanology). You can book a tour for small groups from half a day to several days.

Families’ activities

Overhanging Le Mont-Dore, Le Salon Du Capucin, is the perfect start for a lot of fresh air activities. You can reach Le Salon Du Capucin with the oldest French electric funicular: Its machines are listed historical monument.

Now let’s go: hiking, mountain bikes, treetop, trails, via ferrata, canyoning, golf… Plenty of activities for everyone.

  • The ratified golf course with 9 holes of golf expects every golfer from a novice to an expert. No matter you win or lose, you will see a breathtaking view of Sancy’s crests.
  • Hung to a cord, go from tree to tree and taste the pleasures to cross through monkey bridges and to use zip lines to jump through the heart of the acrobatic course in Le Mont-Dore.
  • Want to live vertically? Go scale or go to the via ferrata. The volcanic origin cliff offers numerous equipped routes in the Capucin sector.
  • For those who want to slide even during summertime, go to the summer sledge or to a natural slide with canoes. We guarantee you a lot of fun and adventures!
  • For days where you can’t really go out because of the weather go for a bowling game or ice skating!