The resort of Le Mont-Dore in the Massif du Sancy in Auvergne is easy to reach as it is near several main motorways (A71, A72, A75 and A89), just a 45-minute drive from Clermont-Ferrand.

Once you’re here, the ski buses offer an easy way to get to the ski slopes.

The Massif du Sancy is just a 2h drive from Limoges, 2h30 from Bourges and Lyon, 3h from Orleans, 3h30 from Bordeaux and Poitiers and 4h from Paris and Montpellier.

How to come to the Massif du Sancy in detail

In winter, 1,000 metres above sea level, snow can cause disruption to traffic in the Massif du Sancy. From 1st November to 31st March, to ensure you reach the resort of Super Besse safely, your vehicle must be fitted with 4 snow tyres, or you must carry snow chains or sleeves in the boot. Before you travel, visit the Inforoute 63 website to check traffic conditions in the department of Puy-de-Dôme.

Take advantage of the ski bus service to reach the Mont-Dore ski areas without difficulty. Check times in the selection below, and consult the list of taxis.


Free shuttles from the village of Le Mont-Dore to the downhill ski resort of Mont-Dore-Sancy and the Nordic area of Capucin:

Follow in real time the arrival of your bus on your smartphone with the Zenbus app

Taking the shuttle to ski in Le Mont-Dore

Taking the shuttle to ski in Le Mont-Dore

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