Consult all the lift pass prices for downhill skiing in the Mont-Dore resort, in the Massif du Sancy, Auvergne.

Skipasses - Full Ski Area 2023/2024 – Le Mont-Dore

AdultJunior ChildSenior
2 consecutives hours28.0022.4020.0024.40
4 consecutives hours33.8027.0023.9029.40
1 Day39.9031.9028.4034.70
2 consecutive days76.2060.9054.1066.40
3 consecutive days115.1092.1081.80100.20
4 consecutive days150.70120.50107.00131.00
5 consecutive days184.80147.70131.10160.80
6 consecutive days216.30173.00153.50188.30
7 consecutive days248.50198.90176.50216.20

Practical Informations :

  • The rates do not include the cost of the hands-free card ( €2.20 for the 1st purchase).
  • All the packages can be completed by a sliding insurance.  More information
  • Where to buy lift passes:
    – Ticket office at the foot of the slopes in the Mont-Dore resort
    – Ski pass vending machine (duration of the passes up to 2 days) : at the Sancy cable car, at the Chômets parking, at the Longes parking, at the kiosk, next to the Post Office, in Le Mont-Dore and at curved zip-line chalet
    – On the internet :  Lift-pass purchase and top-up
    - At the tourist office : sale of hands-free cards.
  • Special rates :
    – Adult price: 26 to 64 years old included
    – Child price: from  5 to 15 years old included, on presentation of a receipt
    – Teen price: from 16 to 25 years old included, on presentation of a receipt
    – Senior price: 65 à 74 years old included, on presentation of a receipt.
  • Children under 5 years old and adults over 75 years old have free access to the domain. The pass can be picked up at the cash desk upon presentation of proof of age.

Non-consecutive multi-day packages Winter 2023/2024 - Le Mont-Dore

5 x 2 hours140.20111.8099.80121.80
6 x 2 hours168.20134.20119.70146.20
5 x 4152.10121.60108.00132.40
6 x 4182.50146.00129.50158.80
5 non consecutive days185.30148.30131.60161.30
7 days + 1 free259.10207.30184.00225.40

Practical information :

  • These multi-day lift passes are valid for the 2023/2024 season only.
  • The 5 x 2h, 6 x 2h, 5 x 4h, and 6 x 4h packages are 4 or 2 consecutive hours packages valid on consecutive or non-consecutive days. It is not possible to use two 4 hours or 2 hours passes on one day.

New! Beginners Packages Winter 2023/2024 - Le Mont-Dore


Practical  information :

  • Access only to the green slopes of Le Mont-Dore outside the school vacations

Hands-free card

Your ski lift pass can be added to this card. It opens the ski lift gates without you having to remove it from your left pocket.
Avoid placing the card with items such as keys, mobile phone, bank card or another lift pass.
The hands-free card can be used year after year. It can be topped up at the lift pass desks and vending machines, or very easily online.
The hands-free card costs €2.20 with your first lift pass purchase.