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Massif du Sancy’s destinations

For the nature and hiking lovers, for those who love to move, for those who love amazing panoramas, for those who love sledding and snow… The Massif du Sancy and its 20 destinations open their doors and reveal their treasures. Come in! You are so welcome; we have a lot of experiences to share with you.

Le Mont-Dore

It is a ski and thermal resort, located around the Dordogne sources; le Mont-Dore offers a lot of activities that you can live with your family either in winter or summer


Linked with France history and royalty, the medieval and renaissance town was a long time ago Medici’s fiefdom. Pass through the belfry and let History in.

Super Besse

Super Besse is located at the foot of Puy de Sancy. Summer and winter is an active holiday, in the countryside and for the whole family. Where will you start?

La Bourboule

Since the Belle Époque years, the La Bourboule charm is well-known, and you will feel it too. It is a small town with thermal baths and a huge park to enjoy fresh air and activities surrounded by nature.


This village exists since the 13th century, come and enter in History! A castle over a rock spur, overhanging the medieval town and near the Chambon Lake with its beaches.


A beach in mountains: It is Chambon! A lake, nautical activities and nature near you , come and enjoy!


Massif du Sancy’s front door, in the center of the picturesque Chambon Couze Valley and dominated by its roman church, this remarkable site shares its name with a cheese once admitted at the King table.


A typical town located in Massif du Sancy with stone roofs, overhanging la Bourboule and the Haute Dordogne Valley, it is dominated by the volcanic peak of the Banne d’ordanche, facing due south and reaching 1 010 meters that is to say more than 3.313 feet.


The Foutaine Salée Valley as a background, a generous nature with lakes, waterfalls, peat bogs … Picherande will seduce you after only one look and you can freely spend time there.


Chastreix offers a wild nature with wonderful landscapes. Open the door and enter in this amazing landscape and then… enjoy!

Saint-Victor la Rivière

Saint-Victor-La-Rivière is a small town built for a time travel and hike trails to escape for a while into the wild.

Egliseneuve d'Entraigues

Beautiful houses with blue slate roofs, marks of a hessian merchant village, green flowered pastures, lakes and waterfalls, this is what Engliseneuve D’Entraigues looks like.


Saint-Diery, several hamlets to discover, a beautiful river for lovers of fishing, hiking trails and a young lady wearing to meet ...


We heard crazy stories in these old stones, come here and listen….


Between Sancy and Cézalliers uplands, Compains is a village located on an old lava flow from the Puy Montcineyre.


Pastures mountains, hike trails, small streams with trout, peat bogs where you can relax.


Valbeleix is a small town in the middle of nature for wonderful hikes.

La Godivelle

La Godivelle is a small market town, to be sure, but it offers a great treasure: the Nature Reserve of Sagnes. Come and immerse yourself in the nature.

Vernet Saint Marguerite

In Vernet Sainte-Marguerite, you don’t know where to look for! The Massif du Sancy on one side, the Chaine des Puy on the other side, come and enjoy wonderful landscapes.


Surrounded by lakes, in the middle of nature, Saint-Genès-Champespe offers breathtaking landscapes. If you want calm and nature, come stay here, you will feel at ease


Montgreleix, great spaces allowing you to overlook at the same time Sancy and Cantal’s uplands. A delight for your eyes!