3 resorts, 3 sectors, 3 atmospheres…. On the 76 alpine ski slopes of Le Mont-Dore, Super-Besse and Chastreix-Sancy, every skier can practice its own ski! From the peaceful and easy slope to the ski corridor with sharp slopes.

The Massif du Sancy, with its ideal location at the heart of Auvergne’s volcanoes, is offering you the perfect comfort and all the equipment to practice downhill skiing.

With 3 skiable resorts all around the Puy de Sancy, highest peak with 1886m / 6187ft altitude, more than 76 slopes for every level are waiting for you.


Super Besse, ski resort

On the south side of Sancy, the Super-Besse resort expands its ski area all around the Hermines Lake. You can ski over 27 slopes from the Puy de Perdrix


Le Mont-Dore, ski resort

Le Mont-Dore is located on the north side of the Sancy, from the first minute you’re here you can’t move your gaze from this majestic mountain. The cable car rise is a moment you can’t miss. After you will go down perfectly groomed slopes.


Chastreix-Sancy, ski resort

Chastreix-Sancy is placed on the west side of the Puy de Sancy. Far away from the effervescence of big resorts, Chastreix-Sancy will seduce you with its varied level slopes they are as simple as effective.