A desire for snow and sliding, that is not to be refused! The Massif du Sancy offers you all the pleasures of skiing and snow in the resorts of Super-Besse, Le Mont-Dore and Chastreix-Sancy.

3 downhill ski resorts,in the Massif du Sancy

3 resorts, 3 sectors, 3 atmospheres…. On the downhill ski slopes of Le Mont-Dore, Super-Besse and Chastreix-Sancy, every skier can practice its own ski! From the peaceful and easy slope to the ski corridor with sharp slopes.

Downhill skiing massif du sancy in family Downhill skiing at the Mont-Dore resort

Downhill skiing at the Mont-Dore resort

Downhill skiing massif du sancy in family

Super-Besse,the most active resort

A combination of traditional winter sports and the very latest ways to enjoy the snow. This is the place to try alternative adrenalin sports like boardercross or acrobatic stunts in the Free Park or on the Freestyle Jump, time yourself on the speed slope, or have your first ride on a snowscoot.

The resort of Super Besse is ideal for family challenges.


Downhill skiiing in Super-Besse Snow park in Super-Besse

Snow park in Super-Besse

Downhill skiiing in Super-Besse

Night skiing

For skiers who can never get enough, Super Besse resort organises night-skiing sessions. Experience the subdued atmosphere! 

Night skiing in Super-Besse

Night skiing in Super-Besse

Le Mont-Dore, the most alpine resort

At the foot of Puy de Sancy,  the resort of Le Mont-Dore offers its volcanic terrain of steep slopes and narrow couloirs, popular among freeriders and speedriders, naturally!

The resort also has some lovely green slopes where beginners can learn to master their skis before taking to the steeper slopes.


Did you know?

The Mont-Dore and Super Besse ski areas link up when conditions allow. Your chance to explore the slopes on the other side of the Massif du Sancy 

Downhill skiing at Mont-Dore Downhill skiing at Mont-Dore
Downhill skiing at Mont-Dore

Chastreix-Sancy, the most natural resort

The resort of Chastreix-Sancy is the ultimate nature destination! With stunning views of Puy de Sancy and the National Nature Reserve, it is a popular spot among nature lovers.

Chastreix-Sancy is also a great resort for families, thanks to the friendly atmosphere of its small mountain village and the human dimension of its ski area.


Did you know?

In Chastreix-Sancy, novice skiers and sledging fans enjoy the comfort of a sheltered magic carpet lift, an effortless way to get to the top of the slope.

Downhill skiing in Chastreix-Sancy